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Nathaniel Curran

Favorite Wave: My home break

Local Spot: Silverstrand Beach

Sponsors: Xcel, Alpinestars, Macbeth shoes, Revolution Surfshop,
Al Merrick surfboards, Famouswax

Favorite Food: Mexican food

Favorite Athlete: Tom Curran, Kelly Slater, the Hobgoods, Andy Irons,
Tim and Josh Curran

Competitive Highlights:

(1st) OP New Port Classic, 2005 :: (2nd) OP New Port Classic,2006 ::
(2nd) ONeill Cold Water Classic, 2006 :: (3rd) ONeill SI Pro, 2008 ::
(5th) Hang Loose Pro Brazil, 2008 :: (1st) Honda US Open of Surfing 2008

Travel Highlights: Hard to say... Every trip is an awesome experience.

Worst Trip: Maybe my last trip to Brazil... I got super sick. Or Indo,
where I got stuck and dry docked on a 15 foot boat for 18 hours.

Parting Words: Don't call it a comeback!


Some personalities in the history of surfing will never be forgotten, and Nathaniel Curran is rising to the top of a long list of “great” surfing icons.  Curran has had an extraordinary journey facing many giants like: Multiple shoulder injuries resulting in surgery, loss of sponsorship, and growing up in the shadows of his older brothers, world-class surfer Timmy Curran, and professional surfer Joshua Curran.


Curran began his ascent to legendary status at the age of five in Ventura County—home to a number of celebrated surfers. During his first few years of surfing, Curran's natural abilities, originality, and aptitude for the sport gave him notoriety with a crew of talented local surfers, including Tom Curren, the Malloy brothers, Bobby Martinez, Dane Reynolds, and his brothers Joshua and Timmy Curran.  If the vitality and excitement of the sport were not enough to fuel the young Curran, certainly traveling around the world learning from Timmy while on world championship tours added to Curran’s passion. 


By the time Curran was 15, he was the centerfold poster in a surfing magazine, and at 17 he broke out of his mid-amateur status by placing 2nd in a two star World Qualifying Series (WQS) event.  Since then Curran has been featured in various surfing magazines and surfing videos, such as, Taylor Steele’s, “Drive-Thru,” and Josh Landan’s, “Yield.” 


One of the highlights of Curran’s life happened in 2008, when he fulfilled a life-long dream winning two of the biggest contests of the year—Hurley’s U.S. Open of Surfing held in Huntington Beach, California.  There were more than five hundred thousand people watching Curran take the title and follow in his older brother Timmy’s footsteps, putting him on the World Championship tour (WCT).  Curran was stoked as he admitted, “It was the best contest of my life!” The win at Huntington Beach helped to secure Curran’s position to then place 1st, winning the WQS tour in 2008, which qualified him to be on the WCT tour.


Curran is a pro who had his work cut out for him following in Timmy’s shadows, but he has been hailed as one of the hottest surfers to come out of California.  He has worked hard for his place in the sun, and has been riding consistently strong as a result of his efforts.  When he is not flying around the world competing, Curran’s second passion is working on cars and tearing up the links.