NATHANIEL CURRAN_HOME from Kyle MacLennan on Vimeo.


Check out my friend Pierce getting some serious tube time GoPro style.


Katin Team Challenge 

Alpinestars at the 2011 Katin Pro-Am Team Challenge from Alpinestars USA on Vimeo.


Congrats To my big bro for taking it down. He was going mad in the final with Huge punts!



Jeez my house sucks in the winter time. Haha

Here is a few photo's from the last couple of weeks.

Surfer Mag said this first photo was me? I think it was my little Bro who got blown out of this one, while i was videoing him and missed it... 


Winter time.

A couple photos from home!



      I knew Andy a bit and any time we saw eachother he was super funny, and was always laughing and living life to the fullest. He was always calling me Nate Drizzle from Dane's movie and thought it was the funniest thing. Andy showed us all about mental strength and if you wanted something bad enough you could achieve it. His back hand attack was off the charts and Im so bummed we wont get to see it for a little while.

Here is what Ill be watching in the mean time before all my heats! My thoughts and prayers to the Iron's family. See ya soon Andy, you will be missed.


Andy Irons High 5 Part 1 from Blake Kueny on Vimeo.