NATHANIEL CURRAN_HOME from Kyle MacLennan on Vimeo.



I'm always excited to go Europe in September but, the surf sponsors in Europe would rather hold the contests in August when there is about 5 surf-able days in the whole month... but there's lots of people on the beach!! It would be nice if they woke up one day and decide to hold a contest for the Surfers rather than the spectators! Here's a couple photos from one of the 5 days of surfing this month!

 Photos Shot by Stephanie Chort.

 A bottle of wine and some sun will put you into a comatose.

I told timmy to get a little higher next time..

Our friends in France who made us a insane dinner. Tried Duck for the first time not to bad!


These guys are out of this world. 

I think they have the best hair cuts ever..


13 Questions with Brett Simpson aka Simpo


The Azore Islands

The Azores Islands
Well I guess it should of been called a 6 star crime instead of prime. Brett and I surfed once for about a half an hour which was pretty much us sitting on the out side laughing about how heavy it would be if they cancelled the event. Witch now must of you all know that they did call the event off. It's an amazing destination to see hopefully next year they move the event to September. Here is a couple of photo's


Another crazy week down at the US Open.

Here is a couple photo's from this past week. It was madness from getting 5th in the contest to getting to watch Cold War kids and Weezer, to my birthday, then to top the last day of with Simpo's Celebration party! Check it out.


Photos above by. Peter Dive