NATHANIEL CURRAN_HOME from Kyle MacLennan on Vimeo.


So If you don't know now ya Know.. The youngest of us all Taylor Curran

Taylor is all pumped on life with his new deal with Rockstar. Now here is a few waves of him shreading in his first ever Nationals.

Photo's by Terry Houston.

Taylor Curran at the NSSA Nationals at Huntington Beach 2010 from John Paul Taylor on Vimeo.



Simpo and I in Australia

A couple random little days around the goldie.

Nathaniel Curran & Brett Simpson Austrailia 2010 from John Paul Taylor on Vimeo.




Some fun waves with the boyz at lowers!


El Salvador

I recently took a trip down to El Salvador this last month with the Alpinestars team, and ended up Running into the first Hurrican of the season. It rained for 6 days straight. The water by the end of the trip looked like poop and smelt like it to. I ended up getting a bad noise infection and surfed only about 5 times in like 7 days. All in all it was a fun trip got to see a Police cover band pretty much made the Trip. Here is a couple photos from the trip. The photo of the hole in the street is in Guatemala not that far north of El Salvador I guess this is what rain can do. Crazy.


3rd Place 6 star Saqurema Brazil 

Here is a photo from my Qrt Final heat.